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the BIG 1000 drum pump for petrol, diesel and oil.

CAN  PUMP  SAE   30  OIL  


a popular high-flow workshop drum pump
the BIG 100 lets you pump liquids at flow rates of up to 100 lpm 
approx 1 litre of liquid is discharged per one full rotation of the pump handle
a self-priming rotary-gear design pump
the pump is geared so that for every turn of the handle a relatively large volume of liquid is pumped
BIG 100 is designed to fit most standard 15, 30 and 55 US gallon drums
commonly used for dispensing or transferring low viscosity and non-corrosive petroleum based fluids such as diesel, kerosene, lube oil and machine oils etc
BIG 100 hand pump features :
the maximum fluid temperature allowed is 60° C 
drum mounting hardware includes a 2 inch MNPT standard drum bung adapter nut
a 3-piece plated steel drum suction tube of 1m total length is provided
the inlet is 32 mm Ø (1¼ inch) OD
the outlet is a 25 mm Ø (1 inch) OD curved spout 
BIG 100 is supplied with a suction filter to prevent dirt and grit entering the pump and causing damage
the wetted parts are : cast aluminum, plated steel, NBR and PE 
the maximum oil viscosity that can be pumped is 500 SSU (or SAE 30) 
includes a  discharge hose and a non-drip dispensing nozzle 
the pump will operate counter-clockwise and clockwise for discharging in both directions
the max vertical pumping height is 15 meters
the max horizontal conveying distance is 50 meters
the BIG 100 is not suitable for pumping organic solvents, alkalis, acids or any water-based fluids

Friendly, informative and supportive(more than 15 years NZ experience in pump business), quick and reliable (please check feedback from previous buyers) 

Design for high quality and performance.   

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